Children & Grief

Nov 25 2013 Children & Grief

Nobody wants to see a child suffer. We would do anything to prevent children from experiencing the pain of loss. Unfortunately, that’s impossible! The reality is that children, even if you shelter and protect them, will experience loss and they will feel sad. Isn’t it better to give them the tools to reconcile grief so […]


Stop Telling Me to Get Over It!

Nov 18 2013 Stop telling Me to Get Over it

Have you been told by others that you should “be over your grief by now”? It happens all too often and is clear proof that the person telling you to get over it has never walked the path of grief. Their statement is truly about them and has nothing to do with you. Simply nod […]


How to Not Forget Someone After They Die

Poppy Remembrance Day Nov 11, 2013

It is normal to be afraid that we will forget our loved one after they have died, or that others will forget them. I promise you … you won’t. How could you? As time passes you may forget smaller details, but the person and what they meant to you in life will not drift away. It’s […]