When Time is Limited for Your Loved One

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When you learn that your loved one is going to die it takes your breath away. It’s heartbreaking, terrifying, and shocking. Initially, it is hard to believe that what you think you heard is, in fact, exactly what you heard. It feels like life is moving in slow motion and yet, the news swirls inside […]


Why Prayers and Meditation go Hand in Hand to Manifest Your Dreams

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Don’t be freaked out that I am going to talk to you about prayer. This blog isn’t about religion. It’s about connecting with God, the Universe, Your Higher Power or whatever name you use. It’s about the ‘asking’ that we all do at different times in life for different reasons. For example, I have probably […]


Stuffing Your Grief is Only Temporary Relief


I love good food and good wine. I love to socialize. I love to entertain. I love to make comfort foods for my family and friends. But I, like anyone else, must be careful that I don’t use food to avoid feeling what I need to feel. Yes, people use food to avoid their feelings. […]