3 Reasons Why You Should Tell the Story of Your Deceased Loved One (often!)

Have you found the need to talk about your deceased loved one often? And, do others tell you that you shouldn’t? There are three important reasons that you should share your loved one’s story. Moreover, repeating the story over and over is part of the process.
When someone dies, those closest to them are often compelled to describe the event as it happened, over and over. They also want to talk about the person and share their favorite memories of them. They describe the person in detail and they repeatedly talk about the funny things he or she did and the wonderful person they were. 
Initially others will join in the conversation, putting their slant on the story or throwing in tidbits of this event or that event. Everyone has something to offer and they feel better sharing what’s in their hearts. As time moves long though, the outside world goes back to living their life. Some will still take time to listen; while others begin to avoid the bereaved person as though they have the plague … because they don’t want to hear the same stories again.  Soon the bereaved get a sense that others don’t want him or her to talk about it anymore.
Talking about your loved one and sharing stories has three important benefits. They are:
  1. Telling the story of what happened to your loved one and what you will miss about him or her, actually is way to move you along the grief journey.
  2. Sharing all the details of your loved one, gives meaning to his or her life. It validates your relationship with them and it helps you to feel closer to them. It affirms who they were to you and what they did in this world.
  3. Sharing the wonderful memories of your loved one can be heartwarming and bring joy to others. It also shows others what the strengths in the relationship were and they can begin to understand how much this person meant to you.

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