I am seeking families of fallen police officers, soldiers, and first responders who are willing to share their journey through grief for the following books:

Families Behind the Flag:
A Tribute to Families of Fallen Soldiers
Families Behind the Badge:
A Tribute to Families of Fallen Police Officers
Families Behind the Uniform:
A Tribute to Families of First Responders

The families of these fallen men and women continue to live with heartbreak long after the flag is raised from its half-mast position and the rest of the world returns to its “norm”.  Their dreams are shattered and their view of the world is forever changed, and the loss of their loved one will impact how they live out the rest of their days. BUT their stories of courage and survival will inspire and give hope to others. For the real tragedy in life is that we cannot prevent loss from occurring. We can only choose to survive and to extend a hopeful hand to those embarking on the journey today.

My name is Janelle Breese Biagioni. I am a bereavement survivor and a hope generator. I am also a registered professional counselor who focuses on loss through death or catastrophic injury (e.g. brain injury). I was widowed at 34 years of age when my husband, a police officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, died suddenly five months after suffering a duty-related injury. I have dedicated more than two decades to supporting individuals through loss and I fervently believe that in sharing our stories of survival through grief that we can offer courage and hope to those beginning the journey today.

These books will not only honor those who died as a result of duty,
but they also pay tribute to the courageous families left behind.
Regardless of the timing of your loss (recent or distant past)
it is your story of survival that will lead the way for others.
Everyone’s story makes a difference ~please share yours.

Please email Myriah for submission guidelines.
*Proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Ranica Endowment Fund – a fund supporting
individuals and/or families who are or have experienced loss.

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