The #1 Thing that Will Hold You Back

#1 thing that holds us back

IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT IS BEFORE YOU No matter where you are at in life, not doing this will hold you back. No matter if things are going well or if you are struggling, if you don’t do this you remain where you are. No matter what opportunities come your way, if you neglect […]


3 Tips to Release the Grip of Grief


How do I know for certain that grief pays no heed to time? Because recently it gripped me by the throat and it’s been over two decades since my husband died. An announcement came forth about major government funding to create guidelines for concussion and sports. I am always advocating for brain injury awareness and […]


When Time is Limited for Your Loved One

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When you learn that your loved one is going to die it takes your breath away. It’s heartbreaking, terrifying, and shocking. Initially, it is hard to believe that what you think you heard is, in fact, exactly what you heard. It feels like life is moving in slow motion and yet, the news swirls inside […]


Stuffing Your Grief is Only Temporary Relief


I love good food and good wine. I love to socialize. I love to entertain. I love to make comfort foods for my family and friends. But I, like anyone else, must be careful that I don’t use food to avoid feeling what I need to feel. Yes, people use food to avoid their feelings. […]