Facing the Holidays After Loss


Christmas is generally a time rich with tradition and jam-packed with joyful festivities. We look forward to spending the holidays with family and friends, exchanging gifts, indulging in delectable treats and reminiscing about the good old days. On the other hand, for bereaved families, the tinsel, decorated trees, and angelic singing of Silent Night, are […]


Why Prayers and Meditation go Hand in Hand to Manifest Your Dreams

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Don’t be freaked out that I am going to talk to you about prayer. This blog isn’t about religion. It’s about connecting with God, the Universe, Your Higher Power or whatever name you use. It’s about the ‘asking’ that we all do at different times in life for different reasons. For example, I have probably […]


Three Ways Rituals Help Us Heal

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Rituals are not scary practices. We all have our morning rituals (e.g. shower, brush our teeth, coffee etc.) and our nighttime rituals (e.g. work out, watch TV, journal, read etc.) that we carry out faithfully. In fact, if we didn’t do them something would feel off. We also use rituals and ceremonies to mark milestones […]