90% of Marriages after Brain Injury Could Be Saved with Supports


The statistics given to couples following a brain injury are horrible and terrifying. They are told that upwards of 90% of marriages end in divorce after a spouse sustains a brain injury. I say… boldly… “90% of marriages could be saved when a spouse sustains a brain injury IF supports are in place for the […]


Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D.

            I don’t remember when I first heard Dr. Wolfelt speak, but it was in Vancouver and I was hooked! I was amazed that this man was traveling the world teaching all that I had instinctively done to cope with loss. A few years later, I began studying with Dr. Wolfelt at The Center for Loss & Life Transition in […]


Littlefoot Loses His Mom

I took my grandsons to see the classic children’s film, The Land Before Time. This heartwarming tale of baby orphaned dinosaurs teaches many life lessons in its 69 minutes. Littlefoot loses his mother following a battle with a Tyrannosaurus during the great earthshake. There were four important scenes for me that beautifully depicted the sorrow […]