Facing the Holidays After Loss


Christmas is generally a time rich with tradition and jam-packed with joyful festivities. We look forward to spending the holidays with family and friends, exchanging gifts, indulging in delectable treats and reminiscing about the good old days. On the other hand, for bereaved families, the tinsel, decorated trees, and angelic singing of Silent Night, are […]


3 Tips to Release the Grip of Grief


How do I know for certain that grief pays no heed to time? Because recently it gripped me by the throat and it’s been over two decades since my husband died. An announcement came forth about major government funding to create guidelines for concussion and sports. I am always advocating for brain injury awareness and […]


Water Magically Soothes the Soul


I have no idea how or really why, but I do know that going to the water’s edge and allowing yourself time to sit in silence is magical. Close your eyes, breathe in the air and allow its gentleness to kiss your face. The sound of water not only soothes the soul, but it absolutely […]