vAzADyB8DcPH3-Nk_yrXYZxCZzyhtSIfholTSHhSkH0We can learn so much from children and animals. Their ability to understand (at whatever level they are at) does not impede their ability to feel love or loss. For example, let’s chat about elephants. There is a plethora of documentation on how these majestic animals show feelings.

Elephants are expressive animals and they have the ability to feel complex emotions much the way we do. Herds of elephants are known to circle an ill member of their family, offering physical support for them until they can no longer stand. The herd will even try to revive their relation after they pass.

Following a death, the herd will touch their loved one with their feet, and stroke them with their trunks. In their travels, when an elephant comes upon a dead elephant, it will stop and pause for a few minutes. It is not uncommon for the elephant to pick up the bones, smell them and turn them around; they do not do this with the bones of any other species.

Elephants also bury their loved one after he or she dies. Members of the herd break off branches and twigs, and tear up clumps of grass to place on top of their loved one; thus, creating a grave. Like humans, the elephants return to the gravesite to visit their loved one. Elephants remember and can mourn their loved one for years following their death.

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Pets are part of the family for people. They are loyal companions and bring a great deal of joy and laughter to us. It’s understandable that your heart can break when your pet dies. It’s not uncommon for others to not ɀgetɁ what you are upset about. ɀIt was just a petɁ or ɀyou can get another oneɁ may be some of the insensitive things you hear. Simply dismiss those comments. You have the right to grieve the loss of a cherished animal.

When grieving the loss of a family pet, you may experience the same types of responses that you would if another human died. Responses include: confusion, sadness, disorganization, loss of sleep or appetite to name a few. The best way to cope is to give expression to your feelings of grief, just as you would for your fellow man. Surround yourself with those who understand what it means to lose a pet. Share your stories and photos. Cherish the memories.

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