Giving Thanks for Our Memories

March 30 2015 life_is_about_memories-688389I have always believed that our memories will get us through the darkest hours after a loss. Yes, I am so naïve to think that all of our memories are beautiful. I, like anyone else, have some painful and not pleasant memories from the past. When I put my attention on those it is for purpose of working through any limiting beliefs they dumped on me and/or to release them with forgiveness and love. When I want to remember events or conversations from the past to feel love and to express love for a loved one who has past, then I put my attention on the beautiful memories.

My brother, Brian died on March 10, 1989. My last memory of him and I doing something together was the month before he died. We sat in my kitchen on a Sunday morning having coffee. Simple, sweet, quiet… just the two of us exchanging stories about our lives, sharing thoughts on the lessons we learned and just being a brother and sister. Precious time I will forever treasure. I thank him for bringing me this memory as I sit here quietly enjoying a lovely cup of coffee.

Yes, there are times when my memories of him or my husband or my parents bring up a feeling of sadness that they are no longer here, but at the same time, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the time that I had with them. They will never be forgotten.

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