Hoping to find the end of the rainbow is one of our great joys as a child. Our minds are filled with pots of gold and tiny men dressed in green dancing around plucking four-leaf clovers from the lawn. As an adult, we understand it’s a myth; but don’t we keep wishing upon a star that someday we will stumble upon the black cauldron overflowing with coins? I know I do. It wasn’t that many years ago when I actually encountered the end of the rainbow. My eldest daughter and I were going to meet my younger daughter for lunch. As we approached the intersection and came to a stop at the red light, we both saw the end of a rainbow in a vacant lot across from us. The beautiful colours flooded a tree stump and landed on the desolate, barren property that was fenced to keep people out. We looked at each other and said, “Go figure… there is nothing to the end of the rainbow.” When we arrived for lunch, we shared the story with my other daughter. She listened as we exclaimed how exciting it was to see the end of the rainbow and how disappointing it was to learn that there is nothing there but tree stumps and dirt at the end. It only took seconds for her sage soul to take control. She smiled and said, “You probably didn’t find the end of the rainbow… you were probably at the beginning.” My heart burst with a renewed sense of hope!!!

The point of this story is to remind us all to look for the magic in life, no matter how dismal and bleak things may seem. The sun will always shine another day. The birds will always sing. The flowers will continue to bloom. And our hearts will remember those are no longer here, but it will continue to beat with love for those who still are. Hug someone today!!

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