Today is International Bereaved Mother’s Day. I did not know about this dedicated day until
recently. It is a movement to help us remember all mothers, including those whose hearts are
shattered following the death of a precious child.

The Carly Marie Project Healwebsite explains that the traditional Mother’s Day was actually
created by a woman who survived the deaths all 7 of her children.

I am moved by the thought of this day. In my work, I teach clients to be proactive about their
grief. The holidays and celebrations throughout the year (every year following a death) are a
constant reminder that a loved one is missing from the table.

I believe that in finding ways to honour experiences before a holiday or special occasion takes
place, AND if one wants to on the day of the event as well, that our grief is managed. The intent
behind being proactive in grief is to allow oneself to enjoy the special occasion.

Some mothers have lost their only child. International Bereaved Mother’s Day sets aside a
special time for them to be honoured and acknowledge their loss of a child. This isn’t to say the
same mother should not be honoured on the traditional Mother’s Day. She absolutely should. The
point of International Bereaved Mother’s Day is to bring the focus away from commercialism
and back on mothers.

I also believe for a mom with more than one child that today not only provides a time and space
to honour her experience of losing her son or daughter, but it also allows her attention to be put
on the other children, next week.

It is so important for moms to honour the child they have lost, but I also want to help them find
some peace so they can be embrace Mother’s Day with those here on earth as well. Many hugs
and blessings to you all.

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