When our hearts break because a loved one dies, we often wander through a field of “should-haves” and “could-haves.” The truth is that even if you had done all of those things before they died, you would still come up with something left undone. It can be difficult to forgive ourselves for having left things unsaid or not resolved. But to linger in that emotional torture is exactly that… emotional torture and you are holding you hostage.

Certainly if we all lived by the advice… that “we should never put off tomorrow what can be done today” we would all benefit. However, sometimes it isn’t in our best interest (or safe physically or emotionally) to confront someone for what they did to us. Sometimes we can’t face the possibility of rejection, especially if countless attempts have been made to reconcile a relationship and those efforts have been dismissed. So how do you move forward? Start by loving yourself.

Human beings are not perfect. God didn’t expect us to be. We will hurt loved ones and we will be hurt. We are not going to be the perfect daughter, son, sister, brother, father or mother. Every experience is new and sometimes we hit it on the mark and other times  we miss. That doesn’t mean we are not worthy.

Today, start loving yourself for being who you are and doing the best you can… after all, that’s all  anyone can ask!

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