Making the Choice to Survive

Each day we make choices about mundane things: “What should we have for dinner… pizza or Chinese?” Then there are times we must make a choice on big things: “Should we buy a house or keep renting?” Rarely do we realize that we can choose anything we want and that it is in our choices that we succeed, excel, or fail. We can even survive by choice.
There are plenty of testimonials where doctors didn’t think a person would survive, but they did. Then the chatter begins about “their spirit” and “their will” and “their drive to fight.” In essence, they CHOSE to survive. They chose to fight… to pull themselves back… to not let go because there is more for them to do on this earth.
If you are grieving the death of a loved one, you too, must choose to survive or not. What does that mean? In choosing to survive, you will recover and move forward from the pain. It means you commit to doing the work of grieving and mourning for however long it takes. It won’t be easy. It will be a long and often, difficult journey. You will need lots of support. But ultimately, survival begins with a choice and ~ it’s yours to make. 

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