Much like a memory collage, my belief is that a memory garden serves to facilitate a way for
family and friends to enjoy memories of their loved one. A memory garden is a place of healing.
It allows one to suspend life and to walk or sit in solitude while reflecting on the person who has
died and/or the meaning of life.

Beautiful plants, rich in fragrance and colour hold a magical power to soothe the body, mind and
spirit. Small birds, butterflies, a babbling brook or water fountain also add to the calming effects
and reverence that a garden can hold. For me, from the birthing of spring to the ending in winter,
a garden represents the cycle of life.

It is my dream to open a retreat centre for those living with loss to visit for rest, reflection and
support. Part of the ambience will include a memory garden with beautiful seasonal flowers and
winter-hardy plants for year-round use. People will be invited to plant flowers, trees and shrubs
in memory of the person they have lost.

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