More than a Band-Aid

Hearts are broken every day. It’s true…people can die from a broken heart, but more often than not, they live. As they move one foot in front of another, this one question burns inside, “How will I survive?”
Healing a broken heart is about more than putting a Band-Aid on it. It takes effort and that in itself is both emotionally and physically draining. People need support and acceptance to do the work in the timeframe it takes them to do it. Unlike a broken bone, or a stitched up laceration, a broken heart heals on its own time. And it is what we do during that time that truly facilitates the mending.
Here are some suggestions that you or another person can do when healing from a broken heart:
Take time to reflect on what has happened so that you can fully understand the layers of loss that is being experienced.
Surround yourself with those who will provide unconditional support and allow you to do the work without judgement or criticism
Allow yourself to take a break from the sorrow. This is necessary to pace yourself… the journey is long and unpredictable.
Remember it is okay to laugh.  Laughing is a magical healing element in itself. Laugh loud and often.
Tears are not a sign of weakness. They are a natural cleansing for the body and act as an instant stress releaser.
Reflect on memories and use them as a source of inspiration.
Resist the urge to abandon hobbies, your work, or your social connections. It’s okay to slow it down, but don’t abandon it all together.
Get up every day… even if you have  to force yourself. Shower, dress, and eat some breakfast.
Sleep may  escape you. Understand that this is normal. Be sure to add in rest breaks throughout the day to supplement the bit of rest you got the night before.
Even though you don’t feel like eating, take in small, light meals. Your mind,  body and soul need the nourishment.
Move your body… dance, walk, ride a bike, swim… light exercise also reduces the stress.
Love yourself!
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