close friends monkeys

close friends monkeys

Anyone who is experiencing a painful transition in life needs help now and again. You don’t have to be a counsellor to offer valuable support to them. A family member or friend can provide immeasurable help by sharing a cup of coffee with the person and listening to them talk. Sometimes, however, the person needs more.

When we suffer a loss or if we are going through a painful transition, we need extra support. We need to talk about what’s happened to us and how it makes us feel inside. Then we need to be given the space to work through those feelings for as long as it takes.

At first everyone is eager to listen and to be there to help. Then over time it’s not unusual for the support to drift away. Has this happened to you? Are you wondering why? It generally happensfor two reasons: 1) the other person’s life calls him or her back and demands they pay attention to what they need to do and 2) they may be immersed in the pain with you and can’t provide the level of support that you need. This doesn’t mean they don’t care and it doesn’t mean that you have gone off your rocker. It is all perfectly normal. So that’s where I come in.

I would love to have you send your family and friends to me. This is what I do… I have the ability to be present to others pain and to help them explore their loss and help them to redesign their life. Direct them to my website where they can sign up for a free eBook on healing a broken heart and they can visit my page on Facebook.

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