Rejection – It Feels Like the Ultimate Heartbreak

February 13 2014 rejection

Being rejected by another person can feel like the ultimate heartbreak. Why don’t they want me? Why don’t they love me? Why don’t they approve of me? I can’t answer those questions for you. Each of us needs to do the work of understanding why we so desperately need that person’s approval. Oprah Winfrey said […]


Making The Choice To Survive

When we think about choice, we think about the mundane things in life, “What should we have for dinner…. Pizza or Chinese?” Or it’s the big things, “Should we buy a house or keep renting?” Rarely do we give thought to how we can choose anything we want and that it is in our choices […]


Let Me Share Some Love with You

Heart in Hands January 30 2014

February is the month of hearts and most often associated with love because of Valentine’s Day. So what better month to share some of my time and knowledge with you for FREE! That’s right! I am offering up to 12 people a FREE 30 minute telephone consult to ask me questions about my journey, to discuss their journey, […]