The #1 Thing that Will Hold You Back

#1 thing that holds us back

IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT IS BEFORE YOU No matter where you are at in life, not doing this will hold you back. No matter if things are going well or if you are struggling, if you don’t do this you remain where you are. No matter what opportunities come your way, if you neglect […]


Say Yes to Living ~ Everyday!


In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ~Robert Frost On one hand, Robert Frost’s quote feels arrogant and uncaring to me. Certainly, there was a time in my early days of grief that I would have been deeply offended had someone said to me, “Life goes on.” On the other hand, I know […]


Water Magically Soothes the Soul


I have no idea how or really why, but I do know that going to the water’s edge and allowing yourself time to sit in silence is magical. Close your eyes, breathe in the air and allow its gentleness to kiss your face. The sound of water not only soothes the soul, but it absolutely […]


When Time is Limited for Your Loved One

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When you learn that your loved one is going to die it takes your breath away. It’s heartbreaking, terrifying, and shocking. Initially, it is hard to believe that what you think you heard is, in fact, exactly what you heard. It feels like life is moving in slow motion and yet, the news swirls inside […]


Stuffing Your Grief is Only Temporary Relief


I love good food and good wine. I love to socialize. I love to entertain. I love to make comfort foods for my family and friends. But I, like anyone else, must be careful that I don’t use food to avoid feeling what I need to feel. Yes, people use food to avoid their feelings. […]


Three Ways Rituals Help Us Heal

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Rituals are not scary practices. We all have our morning rituals (e.g. shower, brush our teeth, coffee etc.) and our nighttime rituals (e.g. work out, watch TV, journal, read etc.) that we carry out faithfully. In fact, if we didn’t do them something would feel off. We also use rituals and ceremonies to mark milestones […]


Pocket Angels ( are for Children & Adults)

Pocket Angel

When my husband died, my daughters and I went to stay with family. Within a few months, I put our house up for sale and purchased another home. As we made plans to move from my brother’s home into our new house, I realized it would be important for us to go back to the […]


Children Understand Grief in a Way Adults Don’t

Dec 16 2013 Daddy's Gone

Children may not fully grasp the grief process; however, they understand it in a way that adults don’t. I learned more from watching my children and nieces and nephews grieve than I did from watching adults. We are often afraid for children to experience the pain of loss. As parents and adults, we understand how […]



A Person's Faith May Change After Loss

Don’t assume that a person’s faith will get them through a loss. Don’t judge if they express anger towards God. Don’t try to fix it or make it better. Instead, help them to explore their feelings. They will come to their own answers that make sense to them and it is imperative that he is […]