Daddy’s Gone

Dec 16 2013 Daddy's Gone

After my husband’s death in October, 1990, my daughters and I took possession of our new home in early December. I remember this crushing feeling as I returned to our old home to meet the movers who had packed the house the day before and were now coming to load everything into the truck. It […]


Grief at Christmas

Dec 9 2013 Grief at Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy and sharing and bringing people together. For most of us it is also a time rich with tradition and filled with joyful festivities.  Family and friends look forward to spending the holidays together exchanging gifts, indulging in delicious goodies and reminiscing about the good old days.  However, for bereaved […]


I am Not Doing Christmas!


This picture of my grandsons is one of my favourites. There is no doubt what’s on their minds – they have had enough! Aside from the humour in it, it takes me back to how I felt in the early days after my husband’s funeral. Gerry was buried on October 30th. Within hours of the […]


Children & Grief

Nov 25 2013 Children & Grief

Nobody wants to see a child suffer. We would do anything to prevent children from experiencing the pain of loss. Unfortunately, that’s impossible! The reality is that children, even if you shelter and protect them, will experience loss and they will feel sad. Isn’t it better to give them the tools to reconcile grief so […]