Janelle is an outstanding advocate for the people she supports.  We have been colleagues in the field of brain injury for over 20 years.  Her passion, commitment and devotion to those she supports is second to none.  You will always want Janelle on your side. ~ Geoff Sing

Janelle is a kind soul. Her experience, knowledge, unparalleled thoughtfulness and genuine approach make it easy to talk with her. ~ Tori D.

Janelle Breese Biagioni provides insights, compassion, and knowledge on the power of grief and loss after a loved one’s illness, injury or death. With her personal experience and professional expertise, she has that special ability to intellectually and emotionally connect to readers and audiences at all levels and to guide and support them through the grieving and healing process. ~ Marilyn Lash, MSW

Janelle has personally experienced devastating tragedy in her life. While acknowledging her grief and honouring the memory of those she has lost, she has accepted this as her destiny to help others. One piece of this is through her talented writing that reaches out to you while confiding her experiences and offers hope, solace, and sense in senseless situations. ~ J.M.

I have known Janelle for 12 years both as a colleague and as a friend.  She makes an incredible first impression as a woman dedicated to helping others work through and heal from profound loss – and that first impression has only ever been strengthened for me.  Janelle is one of the most compassionate and non-judgemental people I have ever met.  She is able to normalize the most gut wrenching experiences of loss a person can feel and walk with them through their journey of grief to a safe and healed place of acceptance. ~ Maryse Neilson, MSW, BSW, BA

I met Janelle Breese-Biagioni over 23 years ago.  She is focused and dedication to helping others.  I have observed Janelle take a project and work until every aspect reaches its fulfillment. She is a caring and nurturing leader. ~ Yasmin John-Thorpe, Author

Janelle, you were there for me when my daughter passed away and always made yourself available whenever I needed some clarity on what I was feeling. The fact that you were there for me whenever I needed you means more than I can say. Thank you for your words of support, encouragement and understanding. ~ C. Taylor

I read Janelle’s book and it completely moved me. It made me wish I had known her for every loss I have experienced in my life because of the compassion, strength and hope she so transparently conveys. I would recommend Janelle to anyone who has experienced a loss because she is so real and creates such a safe and sacred spot for others to feel and heal. ~ Lisa Larter (aka your biggest fan)

Janelle’s deep passion coupled with her genuine from-the-heart com-passion sets her apart from the crowd. She has walked the walk to the dark and back. She supports from the heart. ~ Marianne

As a multiple trauma survivor, I speak with an intimate understanding of the worth Janelle brings to expressing the necessary nature of healing for both her own and others experience of loss. Thanks Janelle, your insights are compelling medicine. ~ in friendship, Val

At a time in my life where I was trying to move on and heal from a loss in my life I was lucky enough to be recommended to Janelle. Her caring, understanding and her gentle way of guiding you through the process to really begin to heal was exactly what I needed. I had never spoken to anyone but family and close friends about what I was going through and I finally admitted to myself that I needed an opinion, from someone who was not family, to help me begin to heal. Some of the exercises I was given made all the difference in the world and letting out some of the pain I was trying to hide and be stronger than. I initially thought I wouldn’t be able to sit down and talk to someone I didn’t know because I feared being judged. It didn’t take me more then 10 minutes of my first appointment with Janelle to be able to be put at ease. You can tell that she loves what she does and that her own life experiences add to her abilities to help others. In the past (sometimes very rough) year I feel like once of the best choices I made was deciding to sit down with Janelle! ~ L – Client

I’ve witnessed that Janelle’s soul purpose is to give real help with passion and commitment. She has equipped herself with the knowledge and skills that make her an expert. Our family has learned about grief together, but Janelle has made it her profession. In 1989 I regretted that I had not taken my three teens and myself to a counsellor when I lost my husband, Janelle’s brother. I thought we were ready to go on. Wrong. It took a while. Grief counselling is so needed and Janelle is such a good communicator in person or in print.

Janelle had suffered with us, yet kept her bearings. She led us through losses in the family while holding back her own pain for a quieter time alone. We lost Brian to a medical accident; he died after 2 weeks in a coma. Janelle and her mom stayed with Brian at the hospital for a week – even overnight. We supported each other so I thought that was all I needed. But as Janelle says in her website that she learned just carrying on is not enough.

After 9 years I found a partner who was going through loss of his wife and we grieved together. The clincher was that he wanted to know how it felt when my husband held me. He really understood, it mattered to him, and that made all the difference. Ben and I (15 years now) still get sentimental about our loss now and again, and we support each other, and honour our late spouses. ~ Dianne Davies

Janelle is a gift to our world as she shares her brilliance, insight and wisdom to help guide us with grace through the most challenging times. ~ Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Janelle Breese is a major voice in the field of grief and loss… ~ Jay Bonansinga, Professor of Media, Northwestern University, and the author of THE SLEEP POLICE and THE SINKING OF THE EASTLAND: AMERICA’S FORGOTTEN TRAGEDY

(Janelle) Breese captures the true essence of both the emotional and physical loss experienced by families and caregivers after a traumatic brain injury and subsequent death. ~ Sheri Richardson Stahl, CFSP, Funeral Director

As the editor for Headline, our quarterly publication for the Brain Injury community, Janelle has the ability to gather the threads and weave them into a fabric that informs us and turns our attention to the road so many with brain injury travel. She has the ability to capture their struggles and their triumphs in a compassionate way. Like an archaeologist, she digs into each subject she writes on, uncovering and polishing the gems that become articles in our magazine. ~ Mike and Mary Lou Rossiter

Janelle Breese has become a leading author for Lash and Associates with her expertise on grief, loss and catastrophic injury. She has a gift for blending complex clinical information on psychosocial issues with the nitty-gritty of daily life for families struggling to cope with major losses due to illness or disability. Janelle’s products – on topics such as grief and loss, finding support, and helping children grieve – are extremely popular with hospitals, rehabilitation programs, clinics, community agencies, families, caregivers, and clinicians. Sales average 4,500 items annually … and these numbers are steadily increasing as we expand into new markets. Her innovative, sensitive writing style shines through in our newest release – Explaining Brain Injury, Blast Injury, and PTSD to Children and Teens; this book is already driving extensive interest within the military and civilian markets. ~ Marilyn Lash, Lash & Associates Training Inc.

Janelle has a firm grip on the handle that turns the wheel of grief… ~ Andrea Gambill, Editor-in-Chief Grief Digest Magazine

Anyone reading Janelle’s book, Life Losses: Healing for a Broken Heart will be touched. Gaining insight is the beginning of understanding. Moreover, understanding can only produce compassion. Compassion for those whose world will never be the same. ~ Peg Reuther, widow

Janelle is a compassionate and thoughtful expert on dealing with grief at all levels. Her workshop with our clients who are living with loss after an acquired brain injury went beyond my expectations. Her caring and concern for the people and issues presented to her were evident in the personal and real dialogue that ensued. Her ability to connect on an individual level is comforting. I have no problem giving her my highest regard. ~ Deborah Dee – Executive Director, Powell River Brain Injury Society est. 2003

When someone is experiencing the darkness of grief they need someone who understands their pain, and can provide the light that leads to healing. My dear friend Janelle Breese Biagioni is that person. ~ Tony Russell, licensed counselor & radio personality

After a life-changing experience with grief over 20 years ago, Janelle has been a tireless advocate for others, helping them deal with their own form of grief. Nobody I know is more learned, passionate and caring about healing for both the heart and the soul of others. ~ Lorraine Pattison, Author of The Garnet Fire

As a colleague working with people suffering loss, I have observed Janelle’s excellent skills, compassion and commitment to supporting people through loss. She is a gifted writer and speaker and has a thorough knowledge of the field of grief and loss. ~ ST

Janelle has that rare combination of skills and sensitivity that allows a person to immediately feel that they are not alone, that it is okay to grieve in whatever way feels comfortable, and that, ultimately, there is hope and a chance for renewal even when one feels that they can’t go on. ~ Tracy L.

I have known and admired Janelle for many years. Janelle’s love for and commitment to family and friends and her passionate work in the world of grief and loss have endeared her to many. What she has learned from her personal experiences with loss, her depth of knowledge and understanding of the grieving process, her positive outlook on life, and her natural ability to communicate effectively are reflected in her daily interactions and writing. She consistently demonstrates integrity and authenticity and she companions others through their grief with insight, skill, compassion and hope. ~ J.T.