July 31

Arguably, not every self-help guru is going to connect with every person on the planet. We all have different learning styles and personality preferences. If I don’t feel a connection with a person’s teaching style or writing style, I have a much harder time getting through the material. But that’s not the reason that self-help programs or books don’t work.

The #1 reason these books and programs don’t work is because “the student” isn’t ready to do the work.I know that may be a challenge for some people to understand or accept, but it’s true. You can attend all the seminars in the world and you could push yourself to read a book a day… BUT if you fail to take action, you remain in exactly the same place as you are.

Doing the work of healing is not easy. I understand that. It’s hard, it’s a time of tears and angst and really, if given the choice, who wants to trudge through the mud if they don’t have too? Well, that’s the problem… unless you trudge through the mud, you stay stuck in it and that means you continue to live with sorrow and sadness.

There is no cure for your loss or the grief journey. But the work you do to heal opens a door to get to the other side of your sadness. My new book, Life Losses: Healing for a Broken Heart will help to open the door. As well, the Healing Heart Retreat, Brave Hearts and Life Redesign will all be beneficial to opening the door.

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