To My Brother, Brian

Why do weekend mornings and coffee go together so well? It’s like a little piece of heaven to slow things down and enjoy some time to relax with a good cup of coffee, a good book, or good company. It’s something that we take for granted; however, when life has been turned upside down and is fraught with worry or sorrow, it is these simple pleasures that we miss the most.
When a loved one has passed or a family member is chronically ill and the day seems to pull you in so many directions, life becomes pure chaos. Nothing makes sense. It’s difficult to remember why you walked into a room. You may be thinking you are having a good day and suddenly, something skips through your mind (a song, a smell, a picture) and you unleash a bucket of tears. Are you crazy? Not at all! The grief journey is hard. It’s a long road and the sadness of losing a loved one creeps into your day throughout the remainder of your life.
My brother, Brian died on March 10, 1989. My last memory of him and I doing something together was the month before he died. We sat in my kitchen on a Sunday morning having coffee. Simple, sweet, quiet… just me and him exchanging stories about our life, sharing thoughts on the lessons we learned and just being a brother and sister. Precious time I will forever treasure. I thank him for bringing me this memory as I sit here quietly enjoying a lovely cup of coffee.

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