We most often associate loss with a death; however, the same grief emotions can take hold for other kinds of losses too. You may be experiencing a transitional losses which happens with employment (laid-offs, downsizing, retirement), a child getting married or leaving home, or even moving to a new community.

Adults usually find moving to a new community exciting and understand that it brings new opportunities, but your child may not feel the same way. It gets more and more difficult as a child ages and move through the school years. Sometimes a family can work around a physical move and time it to not interfere with school, but sometimes it is impossible. For example, military families don’t necessarily have a choice on when or where to move.

Communication before, during, and after is extremely important for a smooth transition. It doesn’t mean there won’t be tears or sadness, you can bank on it that there will be. It will take your entire family time to make new friends, develop new routines and to feel that the new ‘brick and mortar’ feels like home.

If you don’t have access to resources through employment or in the community to help you plan the transition and work through all the family members’ emotions, then do some research on the Internet for articles of help such as the one here.

Be patient with one another and understand that each of you will experience a range of emotions. It takes time to settle into a new community, but you are doing it together and there will be comfort in that.

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