YCtC767PTUINKc8HjLKF9ZkSxKzxE8fJCEV-Yze15XoThe journey of grief is overwhelming. Let’ s face it… it’ s hard, sad, exhausting and takes every ounce of energy to get through the day. It doesn’ t always stay that way; however, to get to the other side of the pain takes some endurance.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that supports moving away from the pain. Everything is a quick fix…fast e-mail, fast food, instant messaging and on and on… so it’ s easy to expect people to “heal fast” and “get back to normal” so that they are fun to be around again. People are expected to ‘ get over what has happened’ and to do it in a timely fashion. For those of us who have embarked on the journey of loss, we can tell you it is not that easy. But we can get caught up in that train of thought too… “Get on with it. It’ s done.” I promise you that the more you try to do that, the harder it is. It’ s more important to push away the timelines and just focus on getting through this day, this hour, this minute,this moment.

It is said that “time heals all.” That is not true, especially for the bereaved. We don’ t get over our grief and we don’ t “fix” a broken heart. We heal a broken heart by taking all the time we need to feel, remember and acknowledge the reality of our loss. We integrate the loss into our life and then we move forward.By working through the process and taking the time we need, we eventually renew our capacity to love, laugh, and plan for the future. There is no way to the other side of grief except to go through it. Take time to heal – for however long that takes! You are worth it!

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